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Side Table
Imageneria Side Table
Sale price$65.00
Rumpled VaseRumpled Vase
Imageneria Rumpled Vase
Sale price$25.00
The Leaf VaseThe Leaf Vase
Imageneria The Leaf Vase
Sale price$125.00
Snowflake VaseSnowflake Vase
Imageneria Snowflake Vase
Sale price$0.00
Woven Planter/VaseWoven Planter/Vase
Imageneria Woven Planter/Vase
Sale price$88.00
Wall Hanger - NFTWall Hanger - NFT
Imageneria Wall Hanger - NFT
Sale price$161.00
Vase 1Vase 1
Imageneria Vase 1
Sale price$205.00
Imageneria Vase
Sale price$129.00
Shell VaseShell Vase
Imageneria Shell Vase
Sale price$391.00
Rumpled VaseRumpled Vase
Imageneria Rumpled Vase
Sale price$247.00
Pyramid - Home Art
Imageneria Pyramid - Home Art
Sale price$25.00
Planter for Air PlantsPlanter for Air Plants
Pineapple PlanterPineapple Planter
Imageneria Pineapple Planter
Sale price$175.00
Photo FramePhoto Frame
Imageneria Photo Frame
Sale price$25.00
Parametric Decorative VaseParametric Decorative Vase
Parametric Christmas TreeParametric Christmas Tree
Moon Planter for Tiny Plants/AirplantsMoon Planter for Tiny Plants/Airplants
Knitted Sculptural VaseKnitted Sculptural Vase
Hexagon PlanterHexagon Planter
Imageneria Hexagon Planter
Sale price$88.00
Festive Mood - Candle HolderFestive Mood - Candle Holder
Decorative Planter for Air PlantsDecorative Planter for Air Plants
Classical Candle HolderClassical Candle Holder
Alien Pumpkin Decorative VaseAlien Pumpkin Decorative Vase
Ocean Life Decorative BowlOcean Life Decorative Bowl

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