X-Lines C-Hoops - Large Anti-Stress Earrings

Article number: 202-02-013-1

Type: Physical
Material: Silver
Sale price$379.00


X-Lines C-Hoops - Large Anti-Stress Earrings designed to support mental health. Allow those stressful moments and intrusive thoughts to fade away with the Anti-Stress Earrings. Designed to promote calmness, these hoop earrings are made using see-through metal tubes with moving spheres inside them. Use them for a calming exercise anytime you need it, or wear them as a bold accessory that turns heads in the physical world and the Metaverse. Available as a 3D printable digital asset and as a 3D-printed product made using recycled silver or gold-plated silver. Fidget earrings Digital 3D printable asset Can be used in the Metaverse 3D printed product available on demand. Made with recycled silver or gold-plated silver. 64.1 x 70 x 10 mm / 2.52 x 2.76 x 0.39 inch

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