About us

IMAGENERIA is a pioneer of digital delivery of physical goods.

We are building a SaaS-platform for digital delivery of physical goods based on distributed localized additive / advanced manufacturing and another technologies.

We believe and know based on many years of experience that our team has in digital 3D design, additive manufacturing and product development, that advanced 3D printing today is not about prototyping any more. More and more product cathegories (whole products and their "parts") could be produced in a smarter way - on-demand, customized and personalized, with close to zero waste, water consumption and carbon emissions.

IMAGENERIA's solution is deeptech and climatetech by its nature. We use the power of technology to enable a safer, sustanable and democratized way of consumer goods delivery.

At the same time, IMAGENERIA is a managed marketplace. It enables designers and brands start selling their goods inthe phisical world cutting over 95% upfront investments that are usually wasted on overseas mass-manufacturing, logistics, storage and customs duties.

Vision Behind Imageneria

IMAGENERIA is a mission-driven platform. We believe in deep sustainability, which means value for the real world.

We must admit that current organizational models do not allow to enable deep sustainability and stop further exponential growth of carbon emissions, waste, pollution and water usage.

That's why we designed and are developing a solution based both on deeptech and new organizational model, enabling on-demand economy for creators and brands and democratizing opportunities to start selling their physical products for creators while doint it in a way that supports strengthening of local communities and enables NetZero and drives a planet-positive impact.

Official Location

Marina Del Rey, California