IMAGENERIA Launch: Sustainable 3D Printable Lifestyle Products

IMAGENERIA ( is a multi-sided platform for 3D-printable lifestyle products. IMAGENERIA was launched on November 17, 2021, with over 300 high quality 3D-printable digital assets (files) created by designers from all over the world and the opportunity to use them as digital assets in the metaverse, for 3D print on demand, or to turn a 3D printable design into NFT. It is the first global platform of its kind. 


Why is IMAGENERIA a pioneer? 

IMAGENERIA starts the engine of the collective co-creation and imagination machine, which incorporates a mix of technology trends and manifests digital economy principles into action, bringing value to creators and investors now, and delivering share expertise and resources for a better future. One of the 3D-printable NFTs developed by IMAGENERIA is the largest 3D-printed flag in the world, acknowledged by Guinness World Records on November 17 to celebrate Guinness World Record Day.  

Guinness World Record - Largest 3D-Printed Flag - Now in Metaverse

IMAGENERIA offers 3D-printable files to use as digital assets in the metaverse environment, as well as physical objects (real lifestyle products). Imageneria is a new platform that enables digital delivery of consumer products to anywhere in the physical world (including space) and will enable designers to upload their digital 3D-printable assets straight to the metaverse.

IMAGENERIA was founded as a multi-sided platform to serve as the NFT marketplace for high quality 3D-printable lifestyle products. It is a pioneer of a value creation mix for its participants:

  1. facilitating the marketplace of goods and services at all stages from design to consuming digital assets in the virtual environment or manufacturing 3D-printable lifestyle products
  2. developing new sustainable and transparent value chains
  3. empowering innovation by enabling interaction between creators and consumers, developers and manufacturers, scientists and industry practitioners, individuals and organizations
  4. stimulating collaboration in the area of high quality 3D-printable design and distributed additive manufacturing
  5. providing an infrastructure with significant potential for scalability and business growth due to an advanced technology mix (AI, AR, additive manufacturing, NFT, blockchain, digital energy)
  6. developing and appreciating the talents of creators globally who value our focus on solutions for sustainability in order to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Choose your digital 3D-printable lifestyle product, use it virtually, get it 3D-printed locally in professional quality when you need it in the real world

IMAGENERIA Means Science and Technology Multiplied by Human Talents Today and Tomorrow.

The artificial neural network will help the IMAGENERIA R&D team increase experiment efficiency and accelerate the development of 3D-printable lifestyle products, taking into account the multidimensional structure of materials and the complexities of new materials based on a significant amount of research data and experiments conducted by IMAGENERIA R&D since 2015. IMAGENERIA unites scientists and manufacturers who can reveal new trends and opportunities to test and use new materials for sustainable value change in additive manufacturing.

Founded in 2021, IMAGENERIA is a startup based in Los Angeles which is developing the ecosystem, including a multi-sided platform for high quality and sustainable 3D-printable goods (, R&D, a 3D studio, a global industry community, quality assurance, and a competence center.

Contacts: +1 424 538.44.53


Instagram: @imageneriacom

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IMAGENERIA: Why do we do what we do?


  • At IMAGENERIA, we want to create long-term stakeholder value by factoring economic, social, and environmental impacts into strategic and operational decisions in order to accelerate sustainability outcomes for customers, creators, and investors.
  • We use digital delivery to drive sustainability in additive manufacturing and 3D-printable design in order to reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate waste, use renewable energy, and offer a customer when and how to consume—digitally or physically. A customer can buy a quality 3D-printable digital asset or print it on demand.
  • We initiate a public dialog about sustainability to find new ways in digital delivery and distributed manufacturing. The aim is to eliminate negative impact and make objects with shapes and features that are unachievable with other manufacturing methods.


Imageneria stands for sustainable processes and sustainable materials. All the jewelry are made of recycled and recyclable metals and the vase (on the photo) is made of sawdust and is 100% bio based.

To achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals, we consider factors of digital delivery:

  1. Multi-skilled AI: Efficient design empowered by AI can reduce material, time, energy, and labor.
  2. Localization and eliminated inventory: 3D-printable files can be created in any country; products can be produced locally when needed.
  3. New customer experience and new lifestyle: A customer can purchase a digital asset (a quality 3D-printable file, not a physical object). The digital asset may be 3D-printed later when needed or even inherited by the descendants of the initial owner.
  4. Transparency and traceability: NFT will be used for digital assets to represent digital proof of ownership.
  5. Distributed manufacturing can create new jobs and new professions in local communities and become a multiplier for many industries.

IMAGENERIA ensures equal opportunities and inclusive space for digital 3D-printable asset creators, and a community for members interested in a metaverse experience and connecting digital and physical worlds.

We invite market players, investors, academia, and other stakeholders to work together, develop industry standards, and offer sustainable alternatives.                

We suggest discovering together a new way of imagination, creation, design, production, consumption, and recycling to bridge the digital and physical world, innovation and arts, technology, and humanity sustainably.

At IMAGENERIA, we are in the business of protecting our planet for future generations to come.

The digital and physical products on the platform have at least 97% less environmental impact than the average consumer products made traditionally. 


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