The First GLOBAL IMAGENERIA CONFERENCE Highlighted the High Potential of Digital Delivery for Achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals

What a great community we united at the first GLOBAL IMAGENERIA CONFERENCE on December 8, 2021!

We discussed technology for deep sustainability. The dynamic and deep discussion embraced trends, experience, and insights shared by fantastic speakers from all over the world.

We united participants from Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Spain, UAE, UK, Ukraine, USA.

IMAGENERIA was launched on November 17, 2021 as a community platform for 3D printable design files to empower creators for new ways for their inventiveness, creativity and collaboration in a digital world.

This global meetup of likeminded people initiated an open discussion about sustainability, 3D-printable assets, NFTs, responsible additive manufacturing, and togetherness for deep sustainability. Yes, so many words in the program are rather new! But each great journey and each discovery begin with the first step and the unknown which goes beyond our imagination.

♾ We welcome you to join IMAGENERIA.

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▪️Step 3. Read our white paper “Digital Delivery: People and Planet. A Multiplier for Industries and Professions” (will be available soon at


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