White Paper "Digital Delivery: People And The Planet. 3D Printing as a Multiplier for Industries and Professions"
On December 8th, at the 2021 Global IMAGENERIA Conference, we presented our first White Paper, introducing Digital Delivery of Consumer Products. 
Learn how professional 3D printing of consumer products is becoming a multiplier for industries and professions. 
We are publishing the Executive Summary of the White Paper below. 
Download the full version of White Paper "Digital Delivery: People And The Planet" at http://digitaldelivery.imageneria.com

The emergence of digital assets, distributed manufacturing, NFTs, and the capacity to deliver sustainable 3D-printable designs anywhere in the physical world represents a positive change for both people and the planet.

Digital delivery combined with groundbreaking additive manufacturing—more popularly known as 3D printing—holds enormous potential to impact various stages of value chain creation. If done correctly, it is also a sustainable technology that will be a multiplier for industries and professions in the years to come.

One of the overarching benefits of 3D-printable products and digital delivery straight out of the metaverse is that it significantly advances the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

According to the UN, these SDGs are an urgent call for action by all countries in global partnership. This partnership recognizes that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth. This is all done while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans, forests, and planet.

3D printing enables businesses and people to go green. This is done primarily by designing more efficiently, creating products with ease to repair products, using less raw material, printing designs locally, eliminating inventory, and streamlining manufacturing through the computer-to-part method.

To multiply the power of people while providing a sustainable future for the planet, IMAGENERIA has developed a platform and community that is all about 3D-printable lifestyle products that can be digitally delivered anywhere in the world. It is a multi- sided platform that will host 3D digital assets from designers all over the globe.

As a pioneering platform, IMAGENERIA views itself as a creative engine or “imagination machine.” It is a collective co-creation that incorporates the perfect mix of technology and digital economic principles. It will bring value to creators, consumers, and investors by delivering shared expertise and resources that will ensure a better and more sustainable future for all.

The combination of 3D-printable designs, digital delivery, and distributed manufacturing will ultimately have a synergistic and multiplier effect for people, industries, and our beautiful planet.

The report suggests considering the high potential of distributed manufacturing and additive manufacturing initiating a public dialogue about digital delivery. It showcases IMAGENERIA, which pioneers a mix of solutions for sustainable value creation on the community platform www.imageneria.com and manifests such characteristics of the business model innovations as:

    1. Building a marketplace for sustainable value chain and digital delivery: IMAGENERIA builds a new market for high-quality 3D-printable files in innovative and socially responsible ways with quality assurance and technical assistance both to beginners and experienced creators.

    2. Physical to Virtual: Replacing many elements of physical infrastructure with digital services digital assets.

    3. Production on Demand: Producing a product only when consumer demand has been quantified and confirmed. As digital assets, 3D-printable files may be sold or inherited without physical objects.

    4. Closed-Loop Production: The material used to 3D print a physical product is continually recycled.

    5. Rematerialization: Developing innovative ways to source materials from recovered waste, creating entirely new products. That’s why digital delivery brings new power to innovation in the area of new materials.

    6. Inclusive Sourcing: Retooling the innovative supply chain to make a community platform more inclusive for creators with experience in 3D-printable design and without it and supporting creators with training, consulting and quality assurance.

    7. Alternative Marketplace: IMAGENERIA uses both a traditional method of transaction and provides access to NFTs of 3D-printable files to unleash untapped value.

    8. Behavior Change: Using a business model to stimulate behavior change to reduce consumption, change purchasing patterns, and modify daily habits in the real world and in the metaverse.

    9. Solution-focused Thinking Inspired by Nature: Encouraging finding creative ideas in nature to develop 3D-printable files and consume in a new way.

    10. Multiple Choices for Consumption and Impact Investments: Consumers have a lot of choices at IMAGENERIA. They may buy 3D-printable files as digital assets, 3D-printed products on- demand, or 3D-printable NFTs. Consumption is being transformed due to technology; NFT makes transparent a story of products at IMAGENERIA.


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