Meet Bionic Bodies, the Project that Reimagining the Future of Prosthetics

BIONIC BODIES is IMAGENERIA's project reimagining the way for reintegration of people with special needs into social life. 

In IMAGENERIA, we believe that prosthetics could be not just functional but also highly aesthetic, smart and empowering humans to be more and better.




Employing midjourney AI, and IMAGENERIA's Co-Founder Julia Daviy's creative vision, we presented the concepts of the bionic bodies which we see as not so distant future and sometimes even as present.  

Bionic Bodies is just one of those directions that have been “impossible” with traditional manufacturing and design. These types of projects are becoming possible employing 3D printing tech, biotech, AI, and robotics, and IMAGENERIA's approach and solutions.


Bionic Bodies is a speculation about the full life for the people who lost their biological body parts, about the body architecture and human body engineering. 








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