Imagine radical reduction of carbon emissions, waste and water usage possible

In IMAGENERIA, we want to create long-term stakeholder value by factoring economic, social, and environmental impacts into strategic and operational decisions to accelerate sustainability outcomes for customers, creators, and investors.

We use digital delivery  (including digital design and sustainable methods of advanced digital additive manufacturing along with metadata storage) to drive sustainability and to reduce carbon footprint, eliminate waste, use renewable energy and offer a customer when and how to consume – digitally or physically. A customer may buy a quality 3D printable asset or get a ready product created on-demand.

We initiate a public dialog about sustainability to find new ways in digital delivery and distributed manufacturing to eliminate negative impact and make the next generation of design products with shapes and features unachievable with other manufacturing methods.

How We Contribute to The UN Sustainable Goals
Clean water and sanitation

Switching to digital delivery of physical consumer products allows to significantly reduce and in many cases eliminate water from the production process.

Gender equality

IMAGENERIA ensures equal opportunities and inclusive space for phygital 3D printable NFT assets as well as physical versions of these products creators and a community for members interested in the metaverse experience and connecting digital and physical worlds.

Decent work and economic growth

Distributed digital manufacturing based on 3D printing may create new jobs and new professions in local communities and become a multiplier for many industries.

Industry innovation and infrastructure

New customer experience and new more sustainable lifestyle: A customer may purchase the digital 3D NFT asset. The digital asset may be ordered (and turned) into a physical product later in the future when it's needed or even inherited by the next generations of the initial owner.

Sustainable cities and communities

Localization and eliminated inventory: phygital 3D & 3D printable NFTs can be created in any country, physical products can be produced locally when needed.

Responsible consumption and production

Phygital metaverse interoperable 3D-printable NFTs include value for both virtual and physical worlds. While, hey can be used limitlessly in the virtual environments, they can be turned into physical products when they are needed in the real world.

IMAGENERIA enables on-demand high-customizable physical product delivery that drives responsible consumption and production.

Climate action

Digitization of the entire supply chain and delivery along allows to decrease carbon emissions in the product lifecycle to 92%. When done along with the usage of sustainable materials for the physical production, the level of decarbonization may achieve 99% and more compared to the level of CO2 emissions in lifecycle of materials made and delivered in a traditional way.