Milky Way Bracelet by Alberto Ghirardello

Article number: 402-02-002-20

Type: Physical
Material: Silver
Size: XS
Sale price$821.00


A galaxy is a large set of stars linked by the reciprocal force of gravity: the same principle connects a sequence of elements of different densities linked together to form the bracelet and necklace of Milky Way collection.. Simple but complex shapes that enhance the production technology: the jewel’s geometry is in fact irreplicable with technologies different from SLS / SLA 3D printing. Parameters: XS : 1.968 x 1. 574 inch / 50 x 40 mm; S : 2.165 x 1.771 inch / 55 x 45 mm; M : 2.362 x 1.968 inch / 60 x 50 mm; L : 2.775 x 2.362 inch /70 x 60mm

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