The buying process for phygital NFTs on is carried out the same way as for other goods, but for checking out you need to use your crypto wallet on the Solana blockchain.

During the payment process, the buyer has to indicate the address of the crypto wallet, which will be used for sending the token created by the IMAGENERIA in the Solana blockchain.

These are main steps to buy NFT on the platform:

  1. First of all the buyer has to create the account on the website IMAGENERIA.COM;

  2. Add the address of the Solana wallet (Phantom, Solflare etc.) in the Imageneria account (Home/My account/My wallets => Add a new wallet);

If you don't have your wallet on Solana you can create it on the website:

  1. Select the NFT you like in the NFT section and click “Buy NFT”, after that you will get on the Imageneria NFT marketplace;

  2. Connect your Solana wallet and confirm your purchase (in SOL – Solana cryptocurrency)

Congratulations! Now your purchased NFT is in your Wallet (the NFT picture is visible), and linked with this NFT 3D printable STL file is in your Imageneria account, go there and download it (Your stl file is here: Home/My account/My orders/Order#....)

You can check this transaction and your ownership of the token in the Solana explorer (use the address of your wallet):