Botchen Chair by Makuno

Article number: 381-03-030-14

Type: Physical
Material: PETG
Color: White
Sale price$1,395.00


Functional furniture design meets 3d printing. The fully functional lounge chair is defined by its hollow internal structure and curves. This chair is designed specifically for 3d printing, and is produced in 1 continuous 3d printing operation with no waste and no support required. Designed for & ideally suited for production from R-PETG (for solid colours) or Clear PETG for structural strength, temperature stability and outdoor use. If you intend to 3d print this item yourself, we suggest you also utilise PET plastic as the design was optimised for this material, but this structure will also work with all other offered materials. All Makuno designs are prototyped and physically tested within our studio in Sydney, Australia.

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