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These days the Sustainable Future of our beautiful planet is at stake. 

We all need to put our efforts to contribute to stopping the unfolding war in the heart of Europe. 

Even thought, designers representing their digital-to-physical products at IMAGENERIA represent all continents (besides Antarctica) and the team currently represent several nationals and countries, significant part of the team behind of IMAGENERIA are in Ukraine. 

Wheat spikelets have a deep symbolism for Ukraine, a peaceful country in the heart of Europe. The deep blue sky and the yellow field of wheat are the personifications of peace, freedom, the right to self-determination, to one's history. And also harmony, happiness, confidence in the future.

IMAGENERIA's UNITING FOR PEACE COLLECTION is a digitally created 3D printable jewelry available (1) digitally as a ready-made file for your jeweler and (2) made from precious recycled metals (silver and gilding).

If you choose option (1), you will receive a file, and we will send 100% of the funds to the needs of children, women and men via the official account National Bank of Ukraine for support.

If you choose option (2), you will receive physical jewelry made and delivered within 3-4 weeks. We donate 50% of the physical item price.

 If you choose option (3) FUNDRAISING ONLY, we direct 100% of your purchase to the to the needs of children, women and men via the official account National Bank of Ukraine for support. In this case, you the purchase in considered as donation, and you don't receive any kind of product. 

UNITING FOR PEACE Ring (80.89 x 20.42 x 69.2 mm/3.18 x 0.8 x 2.72 inch).

Digital 3D-printable file is delivered in stl format. It becomes available in your profile at imageneria.com immediately after the purchase. 

The real-world-use-ready UNITING FOR PEACE ring is digitally made (from digital design through the digital 3D printing manufacturing and professional artisan post-processing work) using sustainable materials (recycled and recyclable silver and recycled and gold-plated recyclable silver). Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive the delivery. 

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