The Movement Hat

Article number: 576-01-777-1

NFT: Digital 3D-Printable
Sale price$295.00
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The Movement Hat is a part of The Multiple Hats Collection by IMAGENERIA The Movement Hat is a phygital 3D-printable hat design NFT The Phygital 3D-Printed Hat NFT includes: 1) access to a hat filter that opens the opportunity to use this hat for any digital purposes: video, photo, zoom calls, etc. 2) a physical hat - a unique 3D-printed piece of wearable art. Only 25 NFTs of The Loud Mind Hat are available. 3) Phygital NFT is proof of authenticity. 4) Opportunity to restore (reprint) this hat in the future and save it for the generations to come. 5) Opportunity to resell The Loud Mind Hat NFT.

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