IMAGENERIA Creates New Choices And Value With 3D Printable NFTs

IMAGENERIA, a US-based startup launched in November 2021, plans to increase the effectiveness of creators by turning art objects into NFTs and bring a new wave of creative power by developing 3D printable files for lifestyle goods to find a new role of artisans in a digital economy and make consumers impact investors.


What’s the first NFT at IMAGENERIA?


One of the 3D printable NFTs developed by IMAGENERIA is the largest 3D-printed flag in the world, acknowledged by Guinness World Record on November 17 to celebrate the Guinness World Record Day (video).


What inspires designers at IMAGENERIA?


Co-founders of IMAGENERIA are inspired by nature, empowered by technology, and have experience in sustainability for over 12 years. We suggest creators and manufacturers to choose solution-based thinking and inspire them to look at the natural world and a digital world from a new perspective. For instance, we encourage to find more ideas in nature to develop 3D printable files and consume them in a new way.


Consumers have a lot of choices at IMAGENERIA. They may buy these files as digital assets, buy a 3D-printed product on-demand or 3D printable NFT. Consumption is being transformed due to technology; NFT makes transparent a story of products at IMAGENERIA. 


What do you want to change?


We suggest revising the way we consume and making consumption a re-cycling and never-ending story. We are focused on digital delivery and transparent value chains due to NFTs and smart contracts. We want to manifest the circular economy in action in our daily transactions: from the first consumer to the next generations when our grandchildren may enjoy the 3D printable files inherited digitally. 


Being a community platform, IMAGENERIA wants to protect the copyright of the digital assets when high-quality 3D-printable files may be bought, sold, or owned as investment assets. 


Why will 3D printable files be attractive for investment?


Key reasons are the high quality of 3D printable files and transparency at all stages of digital delivery.


On the one hand, we offer solutions to minimize a negative impact on the Earth: when you buy a 3D printable NFT, you choose the path of impact investment.


On the other hand, we invite creators from all continents to discover and co-create innovative categories of lifestyle goods and art objects.


IMAGENERIA, launched in November 2021, offers over 300 high-quality 3D printable digital assets (files) created by designers worldwide and the opportunity to use them as digital assets in the metaverse, 3D print on demand, or turn to NFTs.


3D printable NFTs create value:

1) for the real world, as they store the files able to be turned into physical products

2) the cryptocurrency is backed by the products bringing value to the physical and digital worlds.


IMAGENERIA started the imagination machine of digital delivery for 3D printable files to bring new publicity and transparency to the talents of creators and a new way to make money in a digital world - sustainably and transparently.

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